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About Inspiring Others

Art Cohan is an accomplished award-winning actor, director and coach who has worked extensively for over 40 years in New York and Los Angeles in theatre, film and television.

As a teacher in Los Angeles, Art has focused his teaching toward  auditioning, script analysis and scene study. For over two decades he has been a teacher at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. Through Art’s experience working in the industry, as well as training with Stella Adler and Milton Katselas, he has developed a unique approach to help the actor fulfill their goals as an artist and working professional. Art’s students learn to apply this approach along with the business savvy required to maintain a successful career. His "no holds barred style" empowers the actor to refuse the limitation of imitation and discover the endless imagination of the artist within.

  • 25+ years teaching scene study, audition technique and script analysis at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, Los Angeles

  • 25+ years private coaching

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